Skincare Saviours: Dermologica


I don’t know about you guys, but recently my skin has been making some very reckless scenes in the past few weeks and really acting out against the Great British weather. I mean, Oxford has managed rain, snow, sleet, sun and hail all in one week!

So, I’ve been suffering a few breakouts and blemishes and although I’m never one to toot my own horn… they are usually quite the rarity?

I thought it was about time to rejig my skin care routine anyway, so I took a trip to see one of the lovely ladies down at Prestige Beauty who pointed me in the direction of Dermologica and helped me pick a few goodies that have worked a real treat..

(To give you a quick overview, I’m used to having normal skin to oily skin, but since the weather change I now have an oily T-zone, very few dry areas but the dehydrated cheeks.. Hope this helps!)


Pre cleanse
Finally an easy to use, oil based hardcore-makeup remover. As a lady who likes to wear full coverage on a day to day basis, this oil is great to use before bedtime and makes the whole process of cleansing so much nicer.

I pop a little bit of this in the palm of my hands and glide over my face until I resemble something a little less cute than a panda, then wet my hands and continue massaging to create a milky emulsion to take off any unwanted extras.


Special Cleansing gel
An oldie but goodie! I used this a lot throughout my teenage years and it worked wonders for me, so I was excited when this was prescribed to me again! Special Cleansing Gel is great as it doesn’t harm your skin’s existing moisture balance, so with soothing balm mint and lavender, it can be used for all skin conditions.

Skin Prep Scrub
I’ve touched on how much I love exfoliants before, and I have to say the Skin Prep Scrub has to be one of my all time favourites. It has a lovely earthy scent and it seems a little bit goes such a long way. I focus this mainly around my T-zone and give a lighter coverage over my cheeks, and after just one application my skin is looking perfectly polished and bright.


Skin Hydrating Masque
I’ll be completely real and say I wasn’t too sure about this at first. I went head over heels for this in the spa but as soon as I got home the scent completely through me and I wasn’t sure wether or not to return the product. But, I carried on and after seeing the results and how easy it was to apply I couldn’t see myself without it!

It’s nothing too fancy and probably not a pamper product, but it’s so quick and easy to use that you can pop it straight on and it won’t transfer or leave any sticky residue. So if you’re morning routine is a little rushed like mine, you can relax a little more whilst your skin is completely listed of any dehydration. 


Active Moist
An easy wear moisturiser I just pop on in the mornings, and oil free so it sits lovely under makeup. Not only does this keep my skin well hydrated during the day, the silk amino acids help to refine the skins texture without feeling tight! luvly jubbly.

If you haven’t tried Dermologica before, it’s an absolute game changer! The packaging is very minimum, but you can honestly see how a majority of their budget goes in to bringing you the best ingredients they can. It was so easy to pop into my local Dermologica stockists, and skin mapping should always be free.

Let me know how it goes, kittens!


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