Putting the Queen in Philip Kingsley

At last, a time I thought would never come – finding truly great products that put some sexy shape into my miserable, messy mop 💁

I should start by telling you a little bit about my hair – it has seen all colours: fluorescent blues, peacock greens, bellatrix purples and barbie blondes.. It has been bleached, shaved, mohawked and braided (and you thought your teens were awkward) all to the point of falling out and resembling a Draco Malfoy/Macaulay Culkin hybrid. But one thing has always stayed the same – it is very very fine.

Since growing back over the past year or two, my ‘do’ is now in a healthy state after some much needed TLC. I only have to wash my hair once, maybe twice a week, I let it dry naturally whenever I can, and I’m always twirling my hair around with some of Lush’s RnB in the rare occasions I use my GHD curling wand.

Now my hair feels lovely, hydrated and thick. I finally have something I can work with – If i wanted. After using my Philip Kingsley collection I only have to flick my hair back once to have more of a mannerly mane as a opposed to a lifeless lob.   

The secret?..

Body BuilderBody Building Shampoo
For fine, limp or flyaway hair types

The main ingredient in keeping every big and bouncy – I wash this through only once, the habit of cleaning my hair twice wasn’t hard to break as you can feel the product work almost instantly. Get massaging this in the roots and you won’t want to stop.

Moisture Balancing Conditioner
For medium textured, wavy hair or chemically processed fine textured hair

My hair right now has been coloured ever so delicately by the talented trimmers down at Andrea and Achilles in Oxford, and whilst it wasn’t anything as harsh as a full on bleach, it’s always good to get any mop moisturised. This has such a silky texture and although the packaging isn’t too fancy, feels like a real luxury treatment.


Maximizes volume, body and bounce. For fine, limp and flyaway hair types

If I had to pick only one of these amazing products, this would be it. I let my hair dry naturally whilst taking roughly ten minutes hours to do my makeup, spray this onto the roots and very gently blow dry on cold for a bit. Once my roots are dry, I can let the rest air dry and still have a decent amount of volume and texture. The best part is the maximizer also doubles up as a heat protecter that doesn’t leave a sticky residue! finally..

If I’m feeling like my hair might need a little pick-me-up, or I’ve backcombed out of control, I will go ahead and also use the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – one of the first ever pre shampoo condition treatments that helps to give your hair the kick up the backside it needs if you find your ends snapping or mid-lengths drying out too easily.

I have to stress, as much as I would have loved for this to have been an ad.. it’s not. I’m just a loving fan, and if you know of any products I’m missing out on or you’re thinking of trying my technique, let me know! 🌻 


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