March Favourites

Hello kittens, it’s that time of year again!

2016 is flying by, and the only real reason I believe we’re nearing April is because of the festive Easter downpours. However, March has brought a lot of amazing products our way and it seems my favourite beauty brands have been firing out new launches left, right and centre, but just while i wait for everything to be shipped, my March favourites are oldies, but goodies..

“Cup O’ Coffee” exfoliating mask

I should start off by mentioning I LOVE exfoliating.. probably an unhealthy amount. There is nothing better than feeling your skin is completely scrubbed of all the rancid things that may have been inhabiting your once perfect pores, especially if like me, you live in a busy city.
Lush’s “Cup O’ Coffee” mask is an infusion of coffee, fair trade vanilla, roasted cocoa granules and vetivert oil, but you can read all about that here.
It is truly one for the coffee lovers, and a mask that leaves your skin feeling awake, fresh and squeaky clean!

Stripdown and Sandy B

What.A.Combo. I find that of all the mac lipsticks, the frost collections are virtually never talked about, but they are by far my favourites! I have no idea why they aren’t raved about more often, but I hope this will inspire you to give this look a try..
Sandy B is a soft pink with a subtle gold shimmer, a staple lipstick that should be in all of our makeup bags, however when complimented with Stripdown liner underneath, there’s a whole new lip look that would give even Kylie Jenner a run for her money!

My Philip Kingsley Collection

Girls and boys, if you also suffer with hideously fine hair that can’t hold a look even after a whole bottle of batiste, I have the solution you are looking for.
I have been squirrelling away hair products for what seems an eternity, but i have found a few great products from the great Philip Kingsley that have cut my hair care routine in half, making my manic mornings a thing of the past. If you wanna know a little more, you can have a read here.

“Lust” Gorilla Perfume

Ahh Another Lush lovely! I had an amazing client earlier on this month and I had to ask what scent she was wearing. She was so kind and had offered me a spritz, but as soon as we finished her appointment I was running to our local Lush to douse myself to a highly flammable state.  Notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and sandalwood are a definite diptique dupe!

And saving the best for last,
The amazing return of Ru Pauls Drag Race!

If you’re yet to catch up on wigs, weaves and Willam, or have a burning desire to binge watch beautiful drag queens lip sync for their lives, I suggest you sashay over to netflix and stay there for a few hours.. I promise you will not regret it.



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