Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadows

Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadows

Before being gifted with a couple of colourful round pots, I hadn’t come across Vincent Longo’s cosmetic line before. With trendmood1 constantly buzzing away my iphone battery life, I have been more interested in sneak peaks from ABH or KVD and somehow overlooked the Pearl X Eyeshadows that landed at Cult Beauty a couple of weeks back.

My significant other however, did not.

Shortly after the launch, a very lovely black box came from our very lovely postie, and I found myself the proud owner of shades ‘Etherea’ and ‘Luna Beach’.

Let me tell you, my POC did not disappoint. I can’t say the packaging is particularly breath taking, but the product certainly knocks it out the ball park.
The formula itself is creamy, super pigmented and easy to blend. Having a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin textures makes the outcome mostly pearlescent whilst keeping it soft – unless, you mix it up by throwing some fix+ on your shader brush, which will give you the most metallically brilliant finish.

Both Luna Beach and Etherea are set with three stripes of colour so you can create a an entire look with your own personal preference, but all colours swirl together nicely if (like me) you’re in a bit of a dash.



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