A Blogger Made Me Buy It! Rimmel Wake Me Up Collection

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & concealer

For a while I had myself down as a bit of a makeup snob. I would only shop from cosmetic counters or online and believed the best of my stash came from investments. However, when decluttering came around I noticed my ol’ reliables were always those from when I was working with a budget and had little pick ups from the drug store.

So, after watching countless of youtubers rave about Rimmels Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer, I decided to head back to my local Superdrug and try something a little cheaper.

know what you’re thinking – it’s an old product, everyone’s seen, heard, had. But this is my blog, not yours.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Swatch

Wake Me Up Foundation

Whilst in the bottle the liquid itself has slight pearly sheen, when applied to the skin it sets more like a demi-matte, which I love. As a lady with uncontrollable combination skin, most of the time I feel I have to stick with a super matte finish just to keep anything in place, but with a more satin like finish I get the best of both. yesssss!
For a medium to full coverage foundation, it’s also super easy to apply. Not only because the formula is gel like and lightweight, but also the pump is so easy to use! I feel way to many companies aren’t taking too much thought with their packaging – as long as it’s gold for the gram, the function is never really.. functional. Luckily the lid dispenses just the right amount without using too much or too little.

Unfortunately however, Rimmel have made this ultra popular product with a very limited shade range. With only six shades and choosing the lightest golden undertone, it was still way too dark for me.
At £8.99, I’m not complaining too much. I won’t be rushing to restock anytime soon, but I will grab again when I’m busting out a tan.


Rimmel concealer swatch

Wake Me Up Concealer

Behind every great foundation, there’s a concealer. That’s what they say, right? The Wake Me Up Concealer works in the same way as the foundation; brightening, illuminating, fresh looking. Which means it’s perfect for under the eyes. It has significantly less pearl pigment, but what it lacks it makes up for in peptides and vitamin moisturising complex. And because it’s not as reflective, it works perfectly to cover any of my break outs or scarring. Thank. Gawd.

Again, the shade range isn’t that great, but I finally found something that works for myself. Will it replace my love for Collections lasting perfection concealer? Not today, but at £5.49 it’s one I won’t cross off my shopping list just yet.


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