World Aids Day

If there’s ever any reason to celebrate, I’m your gal. Give me a time and a place and I’ll be there in competitive spirit, trying my hardest to win your ‘crazy costume contest’ or taking the karaoke machine hostage on an empty dance floor.
Lucky for me, there’s a lot of days in the year to raise awareness and celebrate – national cheesecake day for example.

However, today is a very special day. One that the world needs, and an awareness that needs your support.

World Aids Day is held on December 1st every year, and whilst we all have the holidays on our minds, every one of us could do with sparing a thought and a donation to help fight a virus that affects around 6,000 people each year in the UK alone.

“But Liv..” I hear you ask.. “How can I support the cause and afford presents?”
Fear not fellow consumer, I gotchu.

Most of us will be hitting up our local MAC Store to pick up our Christmas gifts anyway, so why not support a great cause whilst your there?
Since 1994, the Viva Glam Lipstick line has been gracing our faces with gorgeous colours and textures, whilst even our favourite celebs have been in on the action and creating their own limited edition goodies. 100% of the proceeds go towards the MAC Aids Fund, so on top of a stunning collectable piece, you’ll be contributing to a charity helping thousands of people worldwide.

This year, Ariana Grande has released two super sexy lipstick and lipgloss sets that successfully suit all of our different skin shades. My favourite?…



These Ariana Grande 1 sets sold out in seconds up and down the UK, but luckily they have come back again new and improved as part of the Nutcracker Sweet Collection, so you’ll get a super cute makeup bag to show off, too.

I love the gorgeous, rich red packaging of the Viva Glam lipsticks and there’s a colour in the line to suit everyone. So long as my money is getting put towards a fantastic charity, I will forever be buying these as presents for any celebration.

To grab your red ribbon, pop into your local MAC store, or click here


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