I never stick to New Year Resolutions. I make them and what’s worse is that I’ll probably brag about them, probably under the influence, which is probably what I was meant to be giving up in the first place.

So, this year, rather than setting targets to resolve something that will undoubtedly never change, I have given myself three small, fun challenges that will (hopefully) make me a lot happier in the long run.




1. Be Able To Do The Splits

Don’t worry, I hear you chuckling to yourself.
Is this a result of my green eyed self silently (loudly) judging the talent of Ru Pauls Drag Race, as they death-drop for their lives? mostly, yes.
The other reason is because I have been diagnosed with nearly everything under the bloody sun Hyper Mobility Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and various other invisible illnesses. And how does one not let these disabilities make one super sad? By training my super sexy flexible limbs whilst they’re still capable to perform dramatic landing techniques to the tumbles I will no doubt make when I’m older.

2. Enjoy My Career

As a freelance makeup artist, I will always have room to develop my clientele. I’m a super busy lady and will fill any spare time I have with some kind of work. I will be leaving retail full time at the end of January, and hope to fill the gap by extending my portfolio, working with artists, models, theatre groups. So y’know, if the Pixiwoo sisters are listening, I would love to give you a hand…

3. Re-read the Harry Potter Books

Quite frankly, I think everyone should do this in 2017. 2016 was quite possibly the worst year ever (mine, at least) and there’s nothing that cheers me up quite like
1. A good book
2. Harry Potter
I still have that inspiring feeling of stepping into the the magical world of Hogwarts with Harry when I first read the books, many many moons ago. So why not revisit?





What better way could a mega makeup brand like MAC celebrate the festive season than with a collab from the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey..

Once again, MAC have us all fired up with the release of a new limited edition launch, which includes two eyeshadow palettes, two sets of lashes, two blushers, two lip liners, five lipsticks, five lip glosses, one liquid eyeliner, one highlighter, one buffing brush, one body glitter (of course) and an eyeshadow brush; all together a whopping 23 items!

And not only is there something for anyone in this collection, the packaging is to die for. Swapping the classic MAC black and silver product uniform, Mariah has gifted us with diamonds and golds galore. swooon.

Here’s my Mariah picks if you’re not already obsessed..


I’m That Chick You Like Eyeshadow Palette

On first glance I wasn’t too overwhelmed by this one. I loved the packaging, obvs (The outside is jewel encrusted so you can’t blame me) but it just looked like another basic warm palette. I was picking up the cooler palette called It’s Everything, but after perving on some unsuspecting customers swatches of the top left corner colour Whenever You Call I could not resist.


All I Want Frost Lipstick and So Dramatique Lip Liner

If you’ve been reading corabeau.com, you’ll know my absolute adoration for MAC’s Frost lipstick line. All I Want was a clear no brainer and I snatched it up as soon as I saw it – a subtle nude with a champagne shimmer, the deep brown So Dramatique pencil fits a treat. A perfect day to night, classic, soft lip look.


Rainbow Interlude & It’s Just Like Honey Lipglosses

Slowly but surely, I am determined to build up my gloss collection. At the moment I have a grand total of nine, which is really no competition to my collection of 75+ lipsticks (oops). The moment I clapped eyes on Rainbow Interlude I knew I had to have it, no question. A snowy off white colour with flecks of pinks and golds and silvers is the perfect present for any unicorn lover. As for It’s Just Like Honey, it’s basically my favourite MAC lip combo Sandy B Lipstick and Stripdown Liner in a beautiful bottle.





We’ve all heard of Jacyln Hill right? The beautiful youtube beauty guru with a gazillion followers? If you are yet to hear about her, 1. Reassess your youtube watching 2. click here.
Jacyln came up with the ride or die tag back in August, and now that everyone in the bloggersphere has it done and dusted, I felt I owe it to my bestest products to give them a little mention too.
Grab a cuppa, will probably be a long one..

This one’s an oddy, since I usually gravitate towards Primers that are silicone based and pore filling like Benefits Porefessional and MAC’s Time Check lotion, however for me, Kat Von D’s Lock It Hydrating Face Primer comes out on top (or bottom if you use it properly). It’s water based and very lightweight, which – as a lady who likes her full coverage – doesn’t make me feel caked on. Not one bit.

MAC Prolongwear Waterproof Nourishing Foundation.
Clue is in the name really..
A beautiful satin finish, PNW keeps you in a perfect balance of glowy goddess and matte madam. Gentle on the skin? Check. Waterproof? You betcha. Longwearing? 24 hours!

If I had to pick an overall ride or die, a product that has been with me through thick and thin (literally), one that I have used since day one and will love forever, this is your gal – Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer.
And don’t worry I hear you, judging.

From the early days of my makeup journey, slathering myself with studio fix powder with the free compact sponge and not even stopping to blend, to the lighter coverage from an off-brand “translucent” powder and wondering why I look like I’ve rolled around in (someone else’s) cocaine, I’ve definitely discovered myself on a powder journey (sounds mega fun!) Luckily, MAC have saved the day again and their Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Light’ is just perfect.

Under Eye Setting Powder
Does everyone really have a favourite for this? My eyes are super creasy but girrl, I can’t say any powders have really exceeded the mark for me in this category? With this said however, since baking with the HD Setting Powder from DFMA I have seen a real difference in how long my concealer stays and how often it creases. Plus, it’s super refined and you get a good lot of product for your buck.

Blush and Bronzer
I’m going to switch these two up a bit – you see, I’m a very fair lady – an English rose if you will? A bit of bronzer and all of a sudden I’m Vicky Pollard. I’m yet to find an actual bronzer that turns me into JLo, so I’ve focused my energy on cutting my chubby cheeks with a slick ass contour and blending out that badboy with a soft peachy blush – making my ride or die the Kat Von D contour palette

There’s so many goodies it’s hard to choose! I have my love affairs with MAC’s Vanilla pigment and Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter, but the real winner here has to be the Solstice Palette from Sleek. The price point is incredible for four different highlighters and different formulas (although I literally never wear cream products but the option’s there). I always get compliments when I wear this and 9/10 times when I ask others how they get their highlight so dang perfect it’s always down to this palette.

What’s better than sex? Too Faced mascara is literally, Better Than Sex. Especially the waterproof version. The struggle is real with my stubby (and after tearing most of them out with a dodgy curler), sparse lashes. But this magic wand brings out the best in them, making them long and lovely and keeps a curl all day 🙂

MAC’s frost lipsticks are seriously underrated, and sadly, most of them are getting discontinued *cries*. But ‘Sandy B’ is the most perfect lipstick, so much so that I have three in my collection and plan on stocking up on more. Especially paired with ‘Stripdown’ Liner (also getting discontinued) *cries forever*

Liquid Lipstick
As someone who hates Pink Lip products, I love Masochist by Jeffree Star. I’m sure you’ve all heard about how long lasting the formula is, and the pigment is just perfect. It doesn’t suit me at all mind you, but it sure is pretty.

How embarrassing. I’ve only just entered the realm of lipgloss, I’ve always been a full coverage girl with a whole lotta matte lipsticks. So far I’m wondering how I ever lived without them and will quite happily buy any glossy product thrown in my direction – a makeup marketers dream. But my Vamplify Collection from MAC is growing by the second, and I will be so sad when these limited edition lovelies are taken off the floor.

Eyeshadow Palette
A palette I used everyday. A palette that took me on a journey from work chic to classic cat to smokey sultry. Shades that blended every emergency into elegance. My Kat Von D Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette was recently stolen from me in London, and I sincerely hope it’s been crushed into the pearly white carpet of whoever took it in the first place.

Setting Spray
Urban Decays All Nighter, Duh.


See… told you it would be a long one!




























































































































































When it comes to a good base, Studio Fix has been a tried and true product since I grew out of the beloved ‘dream matte mousse’ phase when I was 12 (don’t you judge me, we all went there!)

But in the rare times the UK has any nice weather, I struggle to find a foundation fit for fighting the heat.

Sure, Studio Fix Fluid has super staying power, but who likes to feel full coverage when we’re already hot and sticky?

The solution?…

MAC Waterweight

MAC’s Waterweight Foundation!

If you haven’t tried this yet kittens, i urge you to. A lightweight feel with nearly full coverage, it evens out skin tone effortlessly whilst still giving that flawless finish.

Waterweight has a Satin texture; I would describe the overall look as a matte dupe, but with radiance where you want it. The light sheen complements contours and chisels cheekbones without looking over oily.

The foundation itself does contain an SPF of 30 which is great for the upcoming months, but don’t let it put you off them selfies girl! No flashback here, the natural glow waterweight gives acts almost like an instagram filter for your face, making this not only a quick fix, but also a go to grab for blushing brides all year round.

Want to know how I give this an extra glow? click here for my highlighting hits.     


April has been a busy month for me, an anniversary and two birthdays just three days apart, travelling back to the beautiful Scottish Highlands and running around catching all of the amazing artwork at Glasgow International. Luckily, no pranks were had, and I managed to get a few gooduns in this month’s favourites.. 

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

When I take myself for a little retail therapy, there are two things I ask myself before I make a purchase – will it keep me warm? (for I am always always freezing) and does it come in black?

This Boscia cleanser answers yes to both of those things, so it’s no surprise that I am head over heals for this amazing product.
A little weirded out on the first use, I squeezed an oozing black gel from the sample container and as I started my cleansing routine my face could definitely feel the heat. My makeup was instantly dissolved and when I had finished my chubby cheeks were left soft and snuggly.
After a few wears I noticed a massive difference in my skin texture and pore visibility, so if these are things you struggle with I am giving you a massive recommendation.
The list of ingredients is pretty impressive, so go check it out here.

Too Faced’s Peach Palette

First off, I will never, ever stop raving about this palette. Why? Not just because I woke up at 5am and spent the next four hours refreshing the Too Faced website when it launched just to get my greedy little mitts on it, but because when I first wore it, basically everyone told me I smelled nice. Can you even believe that? Friends, family, one woman I didn’t know actually asked me what peachy toned perfume I was wearing and it was my eyeshadow. Seriously.

Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

You guys, my favourite ever mascara has been brought out in a waterproof version.
I loved the Better Than Sex original – it was the only thing that could lengthen and curl my stubby little lashes and the packaging is to die for. The only thing troubling me was that after a few hours wear and my cut crease would be a full smokey eye. It wasn’t enough to put me off, but when I found out the waterproof version I couldn’t have been more happier – needless to say my lashes are fleek and fabulous with no panda eyes in sight.

Jungle Book

What could be better than one of your all time favourite childhood classics coming to life? Nothing (maybe a waterproof mascara, maybe).
Not only that, Idris Alba AND Christopher Walken playing Disney Villains?! A slow clap to the casting team for this one, as I couldn’t think of better actors and actresses to play such iconic characters we all know.

If you haven’t seen this one yet, please do, and then tweet me so we can talk about it 😉