It’s my favourite time of the year! It’s scientifically proven that Christmas is indeed, the best Holiday of the year, and what better way to introduce my weird xmas loves and traditions than a little Christmas Tag..


What is your favourite Christmas film?

This year has been an odd one, and thus, I am really looking forward to revisiting Gremlins. Is it a controversial Christmas movie? Yes. Do I watch it every year? Not since my brother told me that they live in our attic. But if I had to pick a festive, family friendly funny, it would definitely be The Muppet Christmas Carol. A masterpiece.

Have I ever had a White Christmas?

Yes! When I was a lot younger. In the UK we are usually blessed with heavy showers or delightful high speed winds in December, but the one white Christmas I remember was magical.

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

My family home! Working in retail means I can’t take any time off, but honestly there is nowhere else I would rather be.


What is your favourite Christmas Song?

If you don’t immediately grab your air microphone and lip sync your heart out to to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you‘, then you can reevaluate your Christmas jingles and get back to me.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

How do you open presents on Christmas Eve when Santa hasn’t visited yet?

Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer?

Of course I can. Quite frankly it would be an insult to poor old Rudy not to. Deep Breath guys!… Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen!


Is your Christmas Tree real or fake?

Guys I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here.. My mum is adamant we’ve always had a real tree, but honestly? We have two, gorgeous, big ol’ fakies. I know this, because every year I’m the one to assemble the buggers.

What is your all time favourite holiday food?

Literally anything with Gingerbread. Gingerbread lattes, Gingerbread biscuits, Gingerbread houses….

Do you like giving or receiving presents?

If you don’t like receiving presents, you are a filthy liar. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE giving presents a lot more. I get so excited to watch someone open a gift, like a child at Disneyland who’s just found E numbers and red bull.

What is the best Christmas Gift you’ve ever received?

The first year Christian and I had spent together, he had bought me an Ipad. I was always using his and I wanted one so badly, but didn’t like talking about it too much because they were super expensive for us at the time. It was also the first time meeting his parents, and I burst into tears in front of everyone when I opened it!

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I’ve already been lucky enough to spend Christmas in the beautiful Scottish mountains, but I would love to experience Hogmanay. New York would be an absolute dream too.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

I like to think I’m a pro. I take great care and concentration with colour co-ords, ribbons and bows. But we can’t all be perfect after our first bottle of baileys, now can we?

Most memorable Holiday moment?

One Christmas we had all had a particularly bad year. Nothing too horrendous, but enough for us to lose a little of our festive spirit, and we were all feeling the strain. Never the less, Santa and good ol’ mum joined forces, and as we made our way through the house we surprised by the most heartfelt gifts. We all cried very ugly tears, then proceeded to get festively merry.

What made you realise the truth about santa?

What truth? He’s still coming, right?

Do you make new years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I’ve made resolutions in the past; “I’m giving up alcohol!” I exclaim to an empty room with a bottle of prosecco in hand, or, “I’m cutting my sugar intake!” as I crack open the yule log.

What makes the holidays special for you?

Being at peace with friends and family. We’re all completely spread out up and down the country, which sometimes means there’s resentment when we can’t see each other as often as we like or sometimes we miss important events. But the holidays bring us all together again, and there’s nothing like seeing their face when you got them that kickass prezzie they thought you had forgotten.



If there’s ever any reason to celebrate, I’m your gal. Give me a time and a place and I’ll be there in competitive spirit, trying my hardest to win your ‘crazy costume contest’ or taking the karaoke machine hostage on an empty dance floor.
Lucky for me, there’s a lot of days in the year to raise awareness and celebrate – national cheesecake day for example.

However, today is a very special day. One that the world needs, and an awareness that needs your support.

World Aids Day is held on December 1st every year, and whilst we all have the holidays on our minds, every one of us could do with sparing a thought and a donation to help fight a virus that affects around 6,000 people each year in the UK alone.

“But Liv..” I hear you ask.. “How can I support the cause and afford presents?”
Fear not fellow consumer, I gotchu.

Most of us will be hitting up our local MAC Store to pick up our Christmas gifts anyway, so why not support a great cause whilst your there?
Since 1994, the Viva Glam Lipstick line has been gracing our faces with gorgeous colours and textures, whilst even our favourite celebs have been in on the action and creating their own limited edition goodies. 100% of the proceeds go towards the MAC Aids Fund, so on top of a stunning collectable piece, you’ll be contributing to a charity helping thousands of people worldwide.

This year, Ariana Grande has released two super sexy lipstick and lipgloss sets that successfully suit all of our different skin shades. My favourite?…



These Ariana Grande 1 sets sold out in seconds up and down the UK, but luckily they have come back again new and improved as part of the Nutcracker Sweet Collection, so you’ll get a super cute makeup bag to show off, too.

I love the gorgeous, rich red packaging of the Viva Glam lipsticks and there’s a colour in the line to suit everyone. So long as my money is getting put towards a fantastic charity, I will forever be buying these as presents for any celebration.

To grab your red ribbon, pop into your local MAC store, or click here


How to beat the procrastination blues

If it’s not 10:00pm on a Sunday night and you’re not rolling around in a foetal position of anxiety, has the weekend even happened yet?

We’ve all been there and quite frankly if you haven’t, you’re not human.

Let me set the scene for you; your boss/colleague/parent/teacher has given you extra work/assignments/chores and you’ve taken on the task from either sheer exhaustion you haven’t been able to think straight, or you’re just a super cheery chappy that doesn’t like to say no.
Other commitments pile up and you tell yourself you’ll get round to it and before you know it (you definitely know it) it’s the evening before and you’re hyperventilating into your bottle of merlot.

This has been me since I started schooling at 5 years old, and at 23 I think I’ve managed to curb it. If procrastinating and the horrendous anxiety that comes with it is something you also struggle with, I will so kindly share me tips and tricks..

1.Not even my idea..
Good start, Liv. So I was watching Anna and her video where she mentions J.D Meier and the ‘Power of Three’. This was such a life changer for stopping any guilt ridden feelings and anxiety cropping up through the day.
I’m a massive list maker. As soon as I have everything written down I feel a lot less cloudy and am able to make a slight dent in this huge bundle of ‘things’ I’ve managed to accumulate. Trouble is – like a magpie or a toddler –  I get distracted very easily. Anything remotely shiny/ involving makeup/ food and you can bet your ass that’s me done for the day.
Which is where the Power of Three comes in handy. Amongst my super list, I set aside three main things I will get done without a doubt. Not huge things. Not arduous things. Tasks I can realistically complete and put to bed. Often than not, when these tasks are done, I’m so dang proud of myself that the rest of the list follows. Great motivation!

2. The 15 Minute Rule*
This one is my favourite, and the best when you find yourself drowning in so many miscellaneous jobs.
Set a timer for 15 minutes on your phone, and give yourself a ‘thing’ to do in that time. When the timer stops, move on to the next ‘thing’. Not finished? Tough, move on regardless (basically what I’m saying is, put yourself under self inflicted pressure and panic until you get your shit done). It will teach you to be strict with yourself in the future, and you’ll start chipping away at other things that needed doing anyway. 98% of the time you won’t even need the full 15 minutes, but make sure to set the timer again when you move on to your next task. Better feeling than getting to the microwave before it pings.

3. Just do the thing.
I feel anxious the most when 1. Everything is out of my control 2. I know a job needs doing, but I’m in the middle of something else.
I have recently come to a very very clever solution. In the magical words of Shia LeBouff, Just. Do. It.
Just get that thing that’s niggling away at you, done. If you don’t, it will be in the back of your mind for the rest of the day and you won’t be able to concentrate or enjoy yourself, which in my books, is a day well wasted.
Nothing and No One is more important than keeping your mental health in check, and if you need to drop what you’re doing for a split second to refill the dishwasher/do your laundry/switch off all the lights in the house (I am so, weirdly fussy about this one) than do it.
Often than not, that background fuzz will clear and people around you will appreciate you actually being in the room with them.

These little things have turned my days off into much less work, and I hope they help at least one other person who is stupidly distracted like myself. Just keep in mind to give yourself realistic tasks and don’t set yourself up to fail, and you’re away. Let me know if I’m missing out on your technique of getting things sorted, or if you’re using mine too!

*Stupid things I have used the 15 minute rule for:
Getting Dressed
Going to the bathroom
Eating at least one healthy thing