When it comes to makeup collections, limited editions or celeb collabs, I am unapologetically shameless. If there’s a limited release, no doubt you’ll catch me at 5am, already buzzed from my third red bull, sat amongst the bright lights of… View Post

Okay Girl, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve never worn a green lip, you’re never going to wear a green lip and I’m completely bonkers. Hear me out.. With a majority of our favourite brands popping out a plethora of colours… View Post

If it’s not 10:00pm on a Sunday night and you’re not rolling around in a foetal position of anxiety, has the weekend even happened yet? We’ve all been there and quite frankly if you haven’t, you’re not human. Let me… View Post

Before being gifted with a couple of colourful round pots, I hadn’t come across Vincent Longo’s cosmetic line before. With trendmood1 constantly buzzing away my iphone battery life, I have been more interested in sneak peaks from ABH or KVD… View Post

We’ve all heard of Jacyln Hill right? The beautiful youtube beauty guru with a gazillion followers? If you are yet to hear about her, 1. Reassess your youtube watching 2. click here. Jacyln came up with the ride or die… View Post